2 Types Of Staffing Insurance Available For Contract Employees

If you own a staffing agency, you know there are various policies and procedures that are unique in the industry.  Insurance for these types of employees is essential as accidents and mistakes are bound to happen.  Fortunately, there are staffing insurance administrators who can help ease the burden of determining what types of insurance policies you should carry for your company.  There are easily over ten different types of coverage available such as employment practices liability and general liability; therefore, it is wise to consult and utilize a staffing insurance company.  Here is a quick highlight of two types of policies offered by an employment agency insurance provider.

Employment practices Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability insurance is offered to protect your staffing agency against claims made involving, but not limited to, discrimination, sexual harassment and unlawful termination.  This policy extends coverage to the staffing firm and provides coverage for their contract employees who are placed at various workplace environments.  This type of insurance coverage is absolutely critical to ensure your company is financially covered in the event of any allegations.

General Liability

As you probably know, general liability helps protect your staffing firm against claims involving bodily harm or property damage.  General liability for the staffing industry helps cover damage caused by the temporary employee while on assignment.

If you own a staffing firm, be sure to utilize an employment agency insurance provider to help take care of your unique insurance needs.