3 Areas Your Page Can Benefit From CRO

So you have your webpage set up for your business. Now all you need are customers. Some will trickle in from word of mouth and SEO but maybe what you really need is conversion rate optimization. Here are three areas your website can benefit from this service.

1. Homepages

Homepages are ideal candidates for CRO. The homepage is an opportunity to keep visitors and guide them deeper into your website, in addition to generating the first impression on them.

This can be accomplished by emphasizing product information links, providing a free signup button, or even introducing a chatbot that asks visitors questions at any moment during their browsing session.

2. Pricing Page

For many website visitors, a website’s pricing page can be the make-or-break point. By changing the pricing intervals (e.g., price-per-year vs. price-per-month), detailing the product characteristics associated with each price, and giving a phone number for visitors to call for a price quote, conversion rate optimization can assist a pricing page convert visitors into buyers.

3. Blog

For a website, a blog is a huge conversion opportunity. A blog can employ CRO to convert readers into leads and post meaningful and informative content about your industry.

Adding calls-to-action throughout an article or inviting readers to learn more about a topic by giving their email address in return for an ebook or industry report are common examples of this procedure.

By forcing on conversion rate optimization, you can give your business a real boost in customers.