3 Common Accidents Covered by Heavy Construction Insurance

Heavy construction operations are hazardous locations. Anything from landscaping to asphalt paving can be dangerous when heavy equipment is involved. Heavy construction insurance coverages are necessary to protect the business and the valuable workers on-site. Being aware of some common heavy equipment accidents will help with understanding the importance of insurance coverage.

1. Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are very common incidents that can occur simply because a machine was operating on uneven ground. Top-heavy loads that are struck by other equipment are prone to rolling over as well.

2. Struck-By Accidents

Workers are most often struck by construction equipment that is backing up. This can be due to a lack of observance or faulty machinery that doesn’t respond as intended.

3. Defective Machine Parts

Serious accidents can occur as a result of small defects that go unnoticed. Human error can lead to overlooked defects during machine maintenance.

Comprehensive heavy construction insurance coverage will give peace of mind to business owners and their employees. While some accidents are common, workers can operate with confidence knowing that an insurance plan is securing their best interests. Proper workplace safety is more important than anything, but insurance provides the unspoken guarantee that financial safety is protected to the same extent as physical health and safety.