3 Common Issues Nursing Home Residents Face

If you know anyone who has spent time in a nursing home, whether as a resident or an employee, you’ve likely heard stories about the issues that often plague these care facilities. From small annoyances to major complaints, nursing home issues are regrettably common, but awareness is the first step toward stopping them in their tracks.

1. Abuse or Neglect

Unfortunately, it is not rare for residents to experience physical or verbal abuse while receiving care in a nursing home. Staff are often under-trained and overworked, leading them to take out their frustrations on unsuspecting residents. Neglect, similarly, occurs when there are staffing shortages and thus not enough employees to care for residents in a caring, timely manner.

2. Poor Medical Care

As is the case with abuse and neglect, poor medical care occurs when nursing homes are understaffed or otherwise unprepared to handle the issues they face each day in a care facility. Residents often report long wait times after pressing “emergency” call buttons, as well as a lack of adequate equipment to deal with the medical issues that inevitably arise in nursing homes.

3. Boredom and Loneliness

Sadly, long-term care facilities often lack the time and resources to provide entertainment and socialization for residents. This leads to pronounced feelings of isolation and can even increase chances that residents will experience depression during their stay.

Although nursing home issues are prevalent, knowing what they are and how to spot them reduces their impact and increases quality of life for deserving residents.