3 Reasons to Make Sure You Have Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Atlanta Insurance Agency

If your business offers personal and professional services, an Atlanta insurance agency specialist can help you determine if errors and omissions insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, is right for your company. You should actively consider adding this coverage if your company regularly gives advice to clients or provides a professional service.

Mistakes are Common in Every Business

Your business could easily be subject to allegations by dissatisfied clients who may feel that your actions or inactions caused them harm. Professional liability coverage that can be custom tailored to the unique risks faced by an assortment of professionals provides the following benefits:

  • Defense costs, including lawsuits filed against your company regardless of who is determined to be at fault
  • Negligence for advice or alleged mistakes that your company makes through professional services provided
  • Coverage for services previously performed for an agreed upon time frame

Atlanta insurance agency professionals specialize in helping numerous types of businesses that engage in provide services and advice obtain coverage.

Protect Your Business

When you least expect it, your business may be faced with a professional liability lawsuit. The claim may include negligence or that you made an error or omission while performing a service and the liability damages could force you out of business. Professional liability insurance from an Atlanta insurance agency can help your company survive the costly expenses that accompany this type of lawsuit.