3 Reasons Why You Need Disability Insurance

Every business owner looks for ways to maximize his or her budget. Planning for the unexpected and making sure your employees are protected when bad things happen is a smart investment. Here are three reasons why more businesses than ever are investing in disability insurance.

1. Disabilities Are Common

If you’re like most people, when you picture a disability that might interrupt a person’s career, you likely envision a catastrophe of some sort, such as an accident. In reality, many disability claims are for more commonplace occurrences such as diabetes or cancer. Given the prevalence of these and other health issues, many employers purchase disability insurance in order to provide both themselves and their employees with peace of mind.

2. Insurance Is Affordable

Disability insurance comes in many affordable options and plans. You don’t have to cover an employee’s entire wages, for example. At a minimum, it’s important that disabled employees have enough money coming in to make their rent or mortgage payments, as well as pay for utilities and food.

3. It Shows Your Employees You Care

Employees crave stability. One way that companies show they care about their workers is by providing disability insurance. There is a disability insurance plan for virtually every job and industry. Work with an experienced agent who will listen to your needs and develop the right plan for your company and workers.

Disability insurance provides essential protections for businesses and the employees they support. While you can’t plan for every possible outcome, you can provide all members of your organization with security and support.