4 Considerations for Additional Coverage for Cemeteries

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A cemetery caters to clients who have experienced loss. As a result, running a cemetery comes with risks that other business owners may not face. You need comprehensive cemetery insurance to make sure that all potential risks are covered.

  1. Professional Liability

Everyone who works for your company is subject to scrutiny. If anyone, whether a groundskeeper or upper management, doesn’t meet the clients’ needs, your company can be sued for damages. Professional liability can cover legal costs.

  1. Extended Liability

When clients are grieving, a mistake or dishonest employee can cause them severe emotional distress. It’s smart to have extended coverage that addresses these kinds of risks.

  1. Historic Property

If the cemetery you manage is protected under the guidelines of the historic property, there are specific requirements you have to meet. The insurance firm at www.reganagency.com recommends that you make sure your insurance package covers all associated exposures.

  1. Maintenance Damages

Your cemetery needs to run like clockwork. Fallen trees or broken equipment can cause significant problems, and you can’t always wait until you have the cash flow to take care of maintenance or repair. Your agent can make sure your property and equipment are sufficiently insured.

Cemeteries come with certain risks. Work with an insurance firm that understands everything you need to protect your company.