4 Reasons Why Dog Bites Occur

4 Reasons Why Dog Bites Occur

People who own dogs have a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe from an attack or bite. It is a good idea to research Florida dog bites quotes in order to secure insurance against a costly lawsuit. Owners can also lessen the likelihood of a bite if they know some of the reasons they often occur:


  1. Fear


Animals act on instinct, and an animal that is afraid will often lash out as a defense mechanism. Dogs may be afraid of strangers, veterinarians or a new situation. Owners who socialize a dog while it is young can often prevent future fear problems.


  1. Possessiveness


Dogs know their property, which is usually food, a leash and even a certain space or human. A dog could attack if it feels its property is being threatened in some way.


  1. A Chase


Instinctively, dogs like to give chase, much like wild animals will chase and hunt down prey. Joggers and cyclists may have stories of dogs running after them and nipping at their heels. In these situations, it is best to stop moving and stand tall while facing the dog.


  1. Maternal Instincts


Lastly, a mother pup could bite in order to prevent any harm from coming to her babies. It is best to leave a mother and her puppies alone unless otherwise instructed to do so.


In addition to understanding why their dogs may bite, owners should protect themselves by having a dog bite insurance policy in place. Obtaining Florida dog bites quotes is the first step in preventing a major financial loss should a dog bite.


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