A Short Guide To Commercial Auto Insurance

If you use a vehicle or vehicles of any type for your business, it is important that you protect them from everything that could unexpectedly go wrong. A big part of this protection is having good auto insurance coverage.

Can Commercial Vehicles Be Covered By Personal Auto Insurance?

Unfortunately, personal auto insurance generally doesn’t offer enough protection to cover your commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are typically exposed to far more risk than personal vehicles and need specialized commercial auto insurance to be adequately protected.

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is a specialized type of insurance that is designed to protect your commercial vehicles from the risks they face on a daily basis. Commercial auto insurance can protect a wide variety of commercial vehicles that range from semi-trucks to vehicles used for transporting clients.

What Coverage Does Commercial Auto Insurance Offer?

Commercial auto insurance offers a wide range of coverage that can address many of the risks you could face. Some of the coverage types that are typically included in a commercial auto insurance quote are:

  • Liability
  • Physical damage
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Underinsured motorist
  • Non-owned coverage

Commercial vehicles face a lot of risk on a daily basis. Commercial auto insurance can help offer the protection you need.