Advantages of Return to Work Programs

Virginia workers compensation

A return to work program is part of a comprehensive Virginia workers compensation program to aid employees with work-related illnesses and injuries. Here are the basics of this program and its advantages for workers and employers.

How it Works

When a physician has determined that the employee can return to work on a modified schedule, a plan will be made as to how to accommodate the employee’s restrictions. Depending on the type of illness or injury, the job may be modified for physical limitations, yet using the employee’s knowledge, retaining skill usage, and leveraging job responsibilities. The goal is the employee’s eventual return to full-time work.

Advantages for Workers

By returning back to work at a modified level, the employee is able to receive full benefits and reduces the earnings they have lost through being on a full workers compensation absence. The employee stays involved in the workplace and feels like a valued part of the team.

Advantages for Employers

Instead of risking losing a valued employee and having to find someone new, a return to work program minimizes the loss of productivity. A quicker return to work reduces the cost of a Virginia workers compensation claim and helps keep insurance premiums low.

There are several advantages to return to work programs. It provides employees a gradual return to work while still being under a doctor’s care and minimizes costs to employers.