Keep Your Shipyard in Business with These Basic Insurance Policies

shipyard insurance

Operating a shipyard comes with risks and exposures not evident in other lines of business. Determining the type of shipyard insurance your business needs can be complicated. Here are some common types of insurance coverage your shipyard needs.

General Liability

Ensure you have a general liability policy specific for marine companies. As a business that operates both on and off the water, you need a policy that addresses those risks.

Workers Compensation

As a business with employees, a workers compensation is required. The policy premium depends upon the risk management strategy of the company, number of employees and their classifications.

Pollution Insurance

Pollution insurance is necessary for the shipyard and any vessels the shipyard owns. The nature of pollution insurance has changed, speak with your agent about any policy changes you may need to make to stay in compliance.

Legal Liability

Repairing and maintaining ships puts your shipyard at risk for legal liability. A company’s vessels are in your care and if something goes wrong during your care, they can sue your company. Protect your business with legal liability insurance specifically for marine companies.

While not a comprehensive list, these shipyard insurance policies can help your company stay in business. When in doubt, ask your experienced agent or broker about the inherent risks and required policies you need.

How to Successfully Use the Internet to Improve Your Business

internet marketing strategies

How to Successfully Use the Internet to Improve Your Business

As a modern company, it is important to think about the value of internet marketing strategies as well as more traditional forms of marketing. It can be overwhelming or confusing to figure out where or how to implement internet marketing, but with a little research and reflection on your company’s unique needs, you can find a system that works for you. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages that internet marketing can provide.

Perks of a Strong Internet Marketing Strategy

By working to highlight your company’s vision and message, a solid plan for marketing on the internet can bring great value to your business in the following ways:

Effective implementation of modern social media tools

Relationship development with existing and new clients

Specialized focus on targeted demographics

Greater access to widespread markets

It is even possible to build personalized websites filled with compelling and informative content, as well. These strategies have been shown to not only attract customers but retain them through distinctive storytelling and advertisement of business services.

With all of these options for developing robust internet marketing strategies, it can be easy to get started in putting together a plan for your business. They can offer a variety of ways to improve your revenue while simultaneously getting your company message out to the world.

Offering Accident Benefits

workers comp insurance broker

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to provide your employees with certain benefits in the event of a workplace accident resulting in injury or death. State law mandates the type of coverage your employees are eligible for, but a workers comp insurance broker can give the specific details about the risks and liabilities your employees face.

Workers Comp Coverage

Most often, a workers comp policy will include the following:

  • Medical costs associated with treating work-related employee injuries or illness
  • Lost wages for employees on medical leave due to injury, rehab or illness
  • Ongoing care expenses such a rehab or therapy services
  • Death benefits and funeral expenses in the event of accidental death
  • Legal costs for lawsuits or claims arising from the incident

If your employee has brought a claim to your attention, it is very important that you treat the matter seriously, no matter how minor it may seem. You will definitely want to contact your workers comp insurance broker right away, in order to follow the steps necessary to secure the best possible outcome with a settlement.

Be sure your employees have been informed of their rights and benefits when it comes to workers comp incidents. In addition to education, preventive safety measures and training are equally important to provide a safe working environment.

Boost Your Insurance Sales With the Right Look

Insurance agent website templates

When it comes to providing insurance, you have to be able to reach your target market. Nowadays, most people do their research online. This means that you need to keep your online presence strong. Likewise, you need a website that demonstrates your professionalism.

Importance of Organization

Insurance agent website templates have to be organized. If your site is unorganized or difficult to navigate, most clients won’t have the patience to figure out how to work it. Instead, they are going to move onto a site with better organization. Organization also ties into professionalism. The more organized it appears, the more professional you appear.

Importance of Mobile Templates

In addition to a Desktop website, you want to make sure that your mobile website template is as organized. A large percentage of people use their phones to surf the web and to do research. If you have a poor mobile site, then odds are you aren’t going to get frequent visitors. The less people that see your site, the less likely you are to gain new clients.

When it comes to insurance agent website templates, you need to make sure that you choose something that is professional and organized. As long as you have a professional template that is easy to navigate, you will draw people in.

Insurance Built Just for You

insurance in Hartford CT

When it comes to insurance, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are national and international providers that offer a whole array of services. Meanwhile, there are regional agencies that offer the same kinds of protection but to a few select areas of the country. When it comes to insurance in Hartford CT, you are in luck because there are many different local agencies that are willing to help you achieve the coverage of your dreams.

Why Choosing a Local Agency Matters

Your first choice for coverage may likely be national brands that are recognizable. However, there are many benefits to working with an smaller, local company. One of these is exceptional service. Who better to trust than your own community? They are more than willing to work with you personally during each step of the process. They do so because they are happy to help out their own neighbors. Your receive the benefit of an understanding and available team.

Another great benefit to going local is that these agencies have the expertise you need. They know the kinds of risks and exposures you face because they face the same ones. These teams also know what prices are reasonable for your location.

Obtaining insurance in Hartford CT doesn’t have to be hard. Just chose one that knows your community like the back of its hand.

Three Components of Liquor Sales Liability

bar insurance cost

Operating a bar is just like operating any other business. When it comes to making sure your overall operation is successful, you need to pay careful attention to each area and provide the resources to keep them running smoothly. While we can’t give you an exact total on what these resources will run, we can help you understand your bar insurance cost.

To have the most comprehensive plan in place, you will want to include the following coverage areas.

Commercial Property Insurance. This will help with any damage that occurs to the physical structure of the building, interior components and related signage. This can be done in actual cash value or replacement cost.

Assault and Battery Insurance. Some companies choose to include this endorsement under their liquor liability policy. This works to protects individuals from harm that occurs in the unlawful event of the use of force by another individual.

Liquor Liability Insurance. The risks associated with intoxicated patrons can be addressed through this insurance. The cost for this coverage relies on the state in which you operate, the amount of sales your liquor service brings and your overall operations.

To figure out your bar insurance cost, you will look at what policy limits to set. It is advised to maintain coverage in each of these areas.

The Benefits of Offering Insurance for Niche Markets

us agencies insurance

For several US agencies, insurance sales can be more successful if there is an extensive portfolio of coverage options for agents to offer their clients. Selling general plans might be profitable for some, but because of all the competition that may likely be offering the same to a similar client base, finding ways to tap into different markets can be an effective way to stand out. For agents trying to break out of a lull, having products that can cater to the unique needs of specific industries can help to do that.

Types of Niche Markets

For agents considering focusing their energy to become specialists in certain industries to sell specialized coverage plans, it’s important to decide which ones to focus on to make into a target demographic. Some industries to consider include:

  • Transportation
  • Employment services
  • Valet and parking services
  • Hospitality
  • Environmental
  • Healthcare
  • Financial institutions
  • Special events such as entertainment and sports

Getting Started

With endless niche markets out there, the possibilities may seem endless. However, for US agencies, insurance brokers may be the best resource for making that decision. By seeing what types of plans are available through brokers, it can help to give agents a sense of the type of markets to which they can cater to with a variety of options for client needs.

Requirements for Marine Businesses in New York

New York, marine and general insurance

If you’re planning to own and operate a marine-related business along the coasts of New York, you can likely look forward to active ports and the opportunity to provide your service to locals, tourists and even other businesses. However, with all the regulations that promote the responsible use of these water vessels in New York, marine and general insurance are examples of safeguards that you must establish early on. Avoid conflicts, costly and time-consuming litigation and threats to your business’s reputation by understanding the items for which you are likely to be accountable.

Liabilities in the Business

Those in the marine business cannot stay afloat with the basics such as licensing and insurance. These steps protect not only the owners of these companies but also the employees, patrons and surrounding communities. Some exposures that can be expected in this industry include damages to and from the following:

  • Ships, watercraft and supplies
  • Oil platforms and pipelines
  • Ports or terminals
  • Cargo
  • Environment

While conducting business on the open water can be an exciting venture in New York, marine and general insurance are just some matters that you must take care of early on before officially opening up shop. Take the time to weigh out the pros and cons of each agency’s policy to find one that protects against the innate risks in this industry.

Fall Festivals Might Have a Weakness

event insurance

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year. It is the season of colorful leaves, pumpkin spice and cool breezes. It’s also the time for festivals, with churches, schools and counties hosting fairs and open-air gatherings. Even though the general purpose is to encourage fun and games with those who attend, the potential for an accident leaves planners with the decision to acquire event insurance.

Why It’s Important

Many planners think their company’s general liability insurance is enough coverage for their proposed festival or event. However, this can be limited in scope to who and what is included for coverage. It might not offer enough of a limit on potential incidents. Vendors or other companies participating in the event may also require the hosting organization to offer more specific coverage for their operations as well.

Where Can You Get It?

Event insurance is sometimes considered a specialty field, and you need to research agencies in your area with the right licenses and carriers. In addition to general liability, you will need to consider property concerns, potential liquor liability, cancellation insurance and hired/non-owned auto coverage.

With great weather and an eager crowd, it is hopeful that your festival will go off without a hitch. However, don’t take the risk of moving forward without a comprehensive event insurance policy.

Three Qualities To Look for in an Insurance Agent

independent insurance agents of Connecticut

There are many benefits to choosing independent insurance agents of Connecticut over one company. The agents can help you find multiple products for the best price. Whether you are just starting your hunt for insurance or are looking to switch agents, these three qualities can help you choose a good one.


Insurance is more than simply the cost for coverage. There are many legal and tax implications the agent should be aware of for a given policy. They should understand what policies they sell and what they cover.


Like any client-facing profession, insurance agents need to have excellent customer service skills. An agent who follows through on their commitments, answers phone calls and emails in a timely fashion and empathizes with your situation has the makings of a good agent. As their client, you should come before their commission check.


Insurance is one area where honesty is really the best policy. Knowing the exact costs and coverages is essential to avoiding a costly event later. Ideally, the agent is happy to work with you, maintains persistence in finding the right policy and encourages your trust.

Independent insurance agents of Connecticut offer a wide range of products to cover your exposures. Find one with the right qualities and you’ll be prepared when something goes wrong.