Auto Liability Insurance for Owned and Hired Non-Owned Auto Resources

hired non owned auto

Your staffing agency likely has vehicles of its own that need coverage in addition to the insurance you need to carry for your facilities and your employees. If it does not own its own vehicles, then very likely it has to use hired vehicles to reach employee work sites and other locations where your representatives conduct business. Either way, you need auto insurance—either a standard policy or a hired, non-owned auto policy that covers your employees when they have to contract for transportation.

Why Non-Owned Policies Are Important

Very often, staffing agencies wind up with vehicle needs that require the use of outside vendors but that still put your employees behind the seat of the vehicle. When that happens, you need a policy that was designed for this situation. Whether your workers are transporting workers to a new site, touring a work site, meeting with clients about their needs, or traveling to respond to an emergency situation, your peace of mind is easy to maintain when you have to access transportation services and you have the right coverage.

Find an Industry-Specific Provider

The key to finding the hired, non-owned auto policy that your company needs is working with a provider that understands the unique business model the staffing sector uses. That way, you have a risk management partner.