Avoiding Liability in Employment Practices

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The EEOC has been cracking down on unfair employment practices in six different areas. It’s important to your business to understand best practices when it comes to hiring. You don’t want to have to use your staffing insurance to manage the costs of litigation when you can be proactive and mitigate the damage. Here are four things you should look at in your hiring process:

  • Are you asking about an employee’s family medical history and genetic information? It is illegal to ask these questions.
  • Your business should not be discriminating against pregnant women. Employers are required to let pregnant employees continue to work for as long as they are able.
  • Know the Department of Labor rules when it comes to unpaid interns. You have to be able to answer certain questions about an intern’s duties to be in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Lawsuits about illegal background checks are increasing. Comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act before conducting credit checks to ensure your business won’t be sued.

Staffing insurance is just a security that protects your assets in case you are sued. Don’t rely on insurance to prevent lawsuits, but take a stand to make sure your HR department is following all standards in employee hiring. Ask your agent and insurance company if you need more information.