The Best Insurance Coverage for CAAs

Community Action Agencies are made up of people trying to make life better for others. However, keeping a CAA running isn’t always about helping the public. Agencies must find a way to effectively manage a business while serving the community. Everyday tasks, such as finding the right insurance provider, must be addressed in a manner that best fits the agency and the people it serves. That’s why some providers offer specialized insurance for CAAs.


Why CAAs Need Specialized Insurance


Insurance providers who specialize in CAA policies can offer plans that address the coverage requirements of these unique organizations. CAAs need insurance tailored to cover a variety of issues that come with serving the community:


  • General and professional liability
  • Automobile liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Crime and accident


Not every agency will need coverage in all those areas, and some will need additional protection. For example, agencies serving coastal communities need an insurance provider to determine if inland marine coverage is beneficial for their agency.


Finding the Right CAA Insurance Provider


Experienced providers who offer insurance for CAAs will have the knowledge to find the right coverage and the availability to discuss it at the agency’s convenience. CAAs must focus on their community work, and the right provider will always be reachable by phone and will provide quick quote turnarounds.


Having access to an insurance provider that is knowledgeable about managing a CAA will benefit the agency in time saved and essential coverage. With the question of insurance out of the way, agencies can get back to helping the people in the community they serve.