gig insurance

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Why Your Business May Need Insurance for Contractors

Why Your Business May Need Insurance for Contractors There are many options today for staffing your business with the most qualified individuals. While traditional, full-time employees are still popular, many businesses are turning to use other types of workers, for example, individual ….  Read More

first party vs third party cyber insurance

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Cyber Liability Insurance for First and Third Parties

Cyber Liability Insurance for First and Third Parties The advent of the internet brought with it certain risks, especially for businesses. Before selecting an insurance policy for cyber liability, it’s important to understand the first party vs third party cyber insurance so ….  Read More

fiduciary liability insurance claim examples

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Examples of Fiduciary Liability Claims Businesses May Face

Managing a business’ benefits department, packages and assessments is a complicated task. The chances of making an error can happen in many different ways including mishandling plan records and not making good investment decisions. Here are some common fiduciary liability insurance claim ….  Read More

Healthcare Facilities Insurance Programs

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Managing the High Risk of Healthcare Facilities

Managing the High Risk of Healthcare Facilities Healthcare facilities provide an invaluable service to their communities. These businesses also carry a high risk. To run a facility, you need healthcare facilities insurance programs to protect your business. Benefits Offered When you have ….  Read More


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Proper Sanitation in Commercial Laundry

Being in the commercial laundry industry brings you into close contact with germs every day. This is especially true if you launder items from places like hospitals or restaurants. Fabricare Advantage Insurance will protect the items themselves, but take precautions to protect ….  Read More

shipyard insurance

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Keep Your Shipyard in Business with These Basic Insurance Policies

Operating a shipyard comes with risks and exposures not evident in other lines of business. Determining the type of shipyard insurance your business needs can be complicated. Here are some common types of insurance coverage your shipyard needs. General Liability Ensure you ….  Read More