How To Diversify Your Liability Insurance Programs

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Your clients run a variety of different businesses across many industries and you want to be able to offer them all the insurance programs needed to properly cover their companies. This means finding programs designed for companies in those industries such as nightclub liability programs. The more experience wholesale insurance companies have in an industry, the easier it will be for you to pass the right coverage onto your clients.

Nightclub liability programs, for example, will be able to cover everything from slip-and-falls on the dance floor to worker’s compensation with a more nuanced touch than programs designed for a retail store or even a bar. Not only can the wholesale insurance companies offer these programs to you for your clients, they can help you understand the benefits that the specific plans bring to the table. The more nuance you can bring to a business’s insurance plan, the more coverage you can get them without breaking the bank.

You can find wholesale insurance packages from various companies and diversify the programs you offer to your clients. This can help you better serve your clients and attract new ones. You may even be able to fill a niche in the insurance coverage of your area and offer unique coverage options to local businesses.

Benefits of a Local Insurance Agency

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When you hire a local insurance agency for your business needs, you can enjoy certain benefits such as being able to sit down with an agent when needed and a more personalized knowledge in what coverage you might need. An insurance agency in Needham can help you with both of those benefits while still providing the plans and coverage that you need.

Sit Down With an Agent

One of the biggest benefits of having a local insurance agency is the ability to sit down with an agent and go over your concerns in person. This can help forge a working relationship with your agent instead of an anonymous one and have an agent more invested in your success.

Get Location Specific Plans

Another big benefit of having a local agency is the fact that some insurance plans will be more necessary in some locations than others. For instance, if you own the building your company is in, then you will probably want to see if you need flood coverage. If you live in a high wind location, then having insurance to help with damage from blown debris can help your bottom line.

An insurance agency in Needham can help local businesses with insurance plans by offering the ability to sit down with an agent and go over various plans. These agencies can also help with location-specific insurance concerns to give you the best coverage possible.

Executives Need Specific Insurance to Protect Personal Assets

Management Liability Insurance 

Management liability insurance is not something only large, publicly traded companies need. A business does not need shareholders for its executive management staff to be targeted in a lawsuit. While it’s true that privately held companies are not at risk of a class-action suit over securities, businesses that seek to fund from venture capital sources or another type of financial investor are at risk of a lawsuit. So are those with any type of relationship with clients or vendors.

Information Privacy Issues

One area of growing risk is information privacy, where identity and information theft are an increasing threat. Public concerns focus on how companies collect, store and use their personal data. Information privacy issues apply to a variety of sources, including:

  • Financial transactions
  • Healthcare records
  • Web-surfing activities
  • Biological traits and DNA
  • Academic research
  • Private residence location

Businesses develop workarounds that let them use data while safeguarding customer privacy. However, data protection and privacy laws change all the time, so staying current is important.

Protecting Managers’ Personal Assets

Management liability insurance, also known as directors and officers insurance, protects company leaders against claims that may arise from a data security breach or another event tied to their actions or decisions. If you are a managing executive, you should know that this insurance is usually in addition to a general liability or umbrella policy for the company itself and is something you should consider to protect your personal assets.

Sports Bars Can Get Rowdy…Are You Covered?

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Let’s face it: sports bars are not always the safest place to be. Though many of your patrons may begin their night in good spirits and with good intentions, after one too many drinks and a losing game, friends may quickly turn into enemies and that nice quiet guy in the corner can become a loud and aggressive problem. When problems arise, so do accidents, injuries, fights, and property damage, which is why tavern liability coverage programs exist.

Without the proper coverage on your side, you may find yourself liable for accidents, injuries, and damages that you yourself did not cause. This is because as the owner of a liquor establishment, you assume liability for whatever damage your patrons cause after drinking liquor served to them by you. It may not seem fair—after all, grown adults make their own choices, right?—but it’s how the law works. If you don’t want to be slapped with a hefty bill racked up on someone else’s time, look into tavern liability coverage programs.

You cannot anticipate what damage your patrons will cause, but you can protect yourself. Do not risk assuming liability for another person’s actions, and look into bar and tavern insurance for your drinking establishment today. You’ll be happy you did.

Why You Need Liability Coverage for Your Yacht Club

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Your yacht club provides an avenue for mariners and yacht lovers to get together and do what they love best. Doubtless, you have numerous events both on water and land to keep your members entertained. The question is, do you have the right liability protection for your club? An accident can easily turn away members and harm your business if you don’t handle the incident properly. Prevention entails more than just doing your best to ensure safety. It also includes having sufficient marina liability coverage for when the unexpected happens.

When it comes to the maritime industry, much is out of your control, such as the weather. You can prepare for potential damage to your facility and members’ yachts with a personalized policy. Without it, you face a different kind of storm. Paying for ship repairs and medical bills of hurt employees out of pocket will sink your business down to financial ruin. Even if the costs are manageable, you risk damaging your reputation as a quality yacht club.

Avoiding these negative consequences is simple through purchasing enough marina liability coverage to secure you from whatever comes your way, on land or water. If you already have a policy, make sure it offers full protection in all areas relevant to running a yacht club.

Benefits of Catholic Life Insurance

Catholic fraternal life insurance

If you are a member of an organization that offers life insurance, there are a lot of benefits that you may receive when choosing a life insurance policy with that organization. For many people, this is the best way to get an insurance policy because it is more accepting, more flexible and more affordable. Here is some information about Catholic fraternal life insurance.

Fraternalism provides financial products, such as life insurance, for members to help their families. One benefit of taking these offers is that the profits from your insurance policy purchase go to help the community instead of going into a shareholder’s pocket. There are a number of ways that a Catholic organization can assist their community, such as offering affordable services to their members as well as volunteering and donating time and resources to help those in need in the community. Some money from Catholic treasuries may also go to establishing new structures in the community, such as helping new schools or establishing a community center for people to use. The possibilities for the goals that the community can meet are nearly endless.

If you are in need of a life insurance policy, there are many places that you can go. However, with Catholic fraternal life insurance, you are more likely to make a positive impact in your area.

Choosing a Catholic Insurance Company

Catholic life insurance

Life insurance is something that you do not want to be without in a time of need, and you never know when that time may come. It is important to protect your family in the event that something happens to you, and especially as people age, this becomes a very real concern. With all of the options for life insurance on the market, it can be tough deciding on one. Catholic life insurance is one option that may help protect you as well as your family in the event that something happens.

Getting your insurance needs from a community that is meant to support its members can be a better way to go than if you were to go about getting it from a corporation that has no reason to see you as more than just a number. Some Catholic organizations are willing to help you find the right life insurance that puts your needs and your family before the profits that can be made from selling insurance.

One great benefit of getting Catholic life insurance is where your money will be going. In a for-profit company, the money is often paid to shareholders. However, in a Catholic not-for-profit company, the money goes to helping programs and benefits in the community.


E&O versus D&O

E&O Coverage

Business owners and managers often believe that E&O coverage is the same as directors and officers policies. Although at first glance the may seem similar, they apply to different circumstances. In some instances, both policies may be unnecessary. However, in many cases, a package that contains both may be necessary to prevent coverage gaps.

Errors and omissions insurance addresses a company’s products and services. It protects individuals and businesses that make educated recommendations, design solutions or give advice. Protection may be needed when there is an error in judgment or when something that should be done isn’t.

D&O policies provide insurance for negligence, omissions or misleading statements from directors and company officers that result in claims against them. Directors and officers policy coverage can reimburse the business when it indemnifies those individuals. Policies may also cover the business as a whole when it is named in a lawsuit.

E&O coverage is not a one size fits all type of policy. Insurance companies can help business owners and managers evaluate risk and make recommendations regarding deductibles and forms of coverage. An experienced insurer can work with you to ensure exposure to errors, employee rights violations, fraud, omissions and misstatements is minimal. One or both policies may be appropriate, depending on industry and profession.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Marina Insurance

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Too many people overlook purchasing insurance for marinas. After all, people are busy and have other insurance needs for their vehicles, home or health. In actuality, getting marina insurance is a wise investment that doesn’t have to be unreasonably expensive. Here are three reasons to consider searching for quality coverage.

1.It’s a Safety Net

Marinas face a lot of risks. A storm, theft or vandalism can result in costly damage control. A good plan ensures you won’t have to pay an astronomical bill after a negative turn of events.

2.It Attracts New Customers

If you rent out dock space for commercial or private vessels, you can give your customers peace of mind with insurance for marinas. Sailors and water travelers want to keep their most valuable possession in a secure place.

3.It’s Comprehensive

Marina owners often have the opportunity to bundle all their insurance needs in one comprehensive package. Liability, sailing school training, property and employee insurance can be obtained at a rate that’s much more affordable than if you buy them separately.

Enjoy your marina to the fullest by backing it up with insurance for marinas. You can get coverage that offers financial assistance in a variety of ways, whether it’s covering costs during an emergency, reimbursing clients or saving you money.

Types of Homeowners Insurance and What They Cover

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If you’re buying a new home or just shopping for a policy that will cover you in case of an emergency, homeowners insurance in Los Angeles is a must. However, not all policies are created equal. To decide what types of insurance you should buy, you need to know what they cover. Here are three main types of homeowners insurance you should have.

Structural Coverage

Structural or dwelling coverage is the most common type of homeowners insurance. It covers damage to the structure of your home based on disasters like vandalism, burglary, hail, fire and sometimes water leaks. They’ll pay to replace parts of your home that get destroyed up to your policy limit, even total loss.

Liability Coverage

If someone else is hurt on your property, a liability policy can help you pay for your legal defense and compensation. It may also pay to fix property damage resulting from any accidents covered in your policy.

Contents Coverage

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need coverage for your valuables and other belongings. If a disaster occurs, this type of policy can help you replace everything from furniture to clothes. You can either choose a policy that pays a depreciated amount for each item or a more expensive policy that will buy new replacements for any possessions up to the amount of coverage you paid for.

When you own your home, you should cover any possible problems by purchasing homeowners insurance in Los Angeles. By thinking ahead, you can save yourself heartache and problems down the line.