2 Types of Pet Insurance You Should Consider

2 Types of Pet Insurance You Should Consider

Owning a pet is an invaluable experience, but there are specific costs that come with having a dog or cat. Animal owners have a financial responsibility to care for their pets, which includes paying for any damages they cause as well as veterinary medicine. A pet insurance plan can help cover these expenses.

Veterinary Insurance

Cats or dogs can have medical complications just as humans do. While the bills for basic care and immunizations are relatively affordable, surgery and medicines can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Buying an insurance plan means that you can afford to help your animal companion.

Liability Insurance

If your puppy chews up a shoe, it’s a nuisance, but if your dog happens to bite someone, serious medical expenses may be incurred. Liability insurance for dogs will give you legal protection should your dog’s behavior result in a lawsuit, and cover the cost of damages. As even mild-tempered canines can be pushed to aggression in the wrong circumstances, dog bite insurance can give you the peace of mind to take your dog anywhere.

The expenses of owning a pet shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the companionship of an animal. With veterinary coverage and liability insurance for dogs, you can be assured that your future with your pet is financially secure.

How to Prevent Dog Bite Liabilities

You may not think your furry best friend with those puppy-dog eyes would harm a fly, but if you consider the statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4.7 million suffer from a dog bite in the United States each year. Whether your dog feels personally threatened or feels that his or her owner is in danger, your dog could attack any person at any time; no matter the breed or size of your cuddly canine. These unfortunate circumstances can rack up to $400 million in dog bite liabilities and medical bills per year. Since many insurance policies for renters or homeowners do not include coverage for dog bites, this results in expenses that must be paid for directly by the pet owners.


While some breeds are more aggressive than others, even the happiest or smallest dog can have a bad day. From that bad day could stem a canine inflicted injury to a loved one or neighbor. Many of the dog bite victims are children, and of those children, most have been bitten in the face. Considering that the losses and medical costs stemming from such an injury can span up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, insurance is a small price to pay to protect yourself. With this in mind, there is no doubt that dog owners need to purchase an insurance that will protect them from dog bite liabilities.

4 Reasons Why Dog Bites Occur

4 Reasons Why Dog Bites Occur

People who own dogs have a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe from an attack or bite. It is a good idea to research Florida dog bites quotes in order to secure insurance against a costly lawsuit. Owners can also lessen the likelihood of a bite if they know some of the reasons they often occur:


  1. Fear


Animals act on instinct, and an animal that is afraid will often lash out as a defense mechanism. Dogs may be afraid of strangers, veterinarians or a new situation. Owners who socialize a dog while it is young can often prevent future fear problems.


  1. Possessiveness


Dogs know their property, which is usually food, a leash and even a certain space or human. A dog could attack if it feels its property is being threatened in some way.


  1. A Chase


Instinctively, dogs like to give chase, much like wild animals will chase and hunt down prey. Joggers and cyclists may have stories of dogs running after them and nipping at their heels. In these situations, it is best to stop moving and stand tall while facing the dog.


  1. Maternal Instincts


Lastly, a mother pup could bite in order to prevent any harm from coming to her babies. It is best to leave a mother and her puppies alone unless otherwise instructed to do so.


In addition to understanding why their dogs may bite, owners should protect themselves by having a dog bite insurance policy in place. Obtaining Florida dog bites quotes is the first step in preventing a major financial loss should a dog bite.


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Top Three Reasons You Need Dog Bite Liability Insurance

Each year, roughly 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites, and about half of these individuals are children. Luckily, dog bite liability insurance is rising in popularity among pet owners, and Florida dog bites quotes offer a good idea of idea of what you can expect to pay for such a policy.  Here’s a look at the top three reasons you and your pooch need dog bite liability insurance.


Children Reside in Your Home


Children don’t always realize that what they perceive as playing can be seen as threatening by a dog, particularly if the dog in unfamiliar with the child. While your dog or dogs might be familiar with your own children, the same can’t be said if they have play dates or parties where other children are present.


Your Apartment Complex or Homeowners Association Requires It


It’s a growing trend among many apartment communities and homeowners associations to require dog bite liability insurance prior to allowing you and your pooch to move in. Florida dog bites quotes can give you an idea of what your annual premium will be for such a policy so that you can budget and plan accordingly.


Your Dog is Particularly Dangerous or Vicious


Many counties and states nationwide are adopting policies that require owners of dogs who are prone to biting or deemed vicious to carry dog liability insurance.  If you own such an animal and aren’t ready to put down or part with your best friend, dog bite liability insurance is essential.
While being the victim of a dog bite can be painful and troublesome, the same can be said if you’re the owner of the dog that does the biting. Protect yourself, your family and your dog with a dog bite liability insurance policy and get back to playing with and enjoying life with your pup.