Tips for Lowering Your Workers Comp Premiums

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Even though you are required to carry workers comp insurance, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with sky-high payments. Here are some ideas for lowering your premiums.

Manage Risk

If you can’t afford to hire a risk manager, assign someone to manage your workers comp plan. This can include programs such as safety education and monitoring, supporting injured employees toward returning to work and more.

Look for Savings

Many states offer savings based on merit such as credits for remaining accident-free for a set period of time, discounts for hiring a safety manager or setting up safety programs. Contact your insurer and review the industry category you have been placed in, which helps determine your premiums. Make sure payroll hours are computed correctly because that affects your payments, too.

Avoid Assigned Risk

This is a category the state can assign to you for making lots of claims. If you have been put in this category, it is worth your time to do shop around for another insurer. Consider alternatives such as self-insurance, too. Another option to consider is raising your deductible. Many states allow optional deductibles for medical claims and businesses facing a larger deductible may be more safety aware.

There are more than a few options to help lower your workers comp insurance payments. Contact your insurer for a review of your policy and see whether you can realize any additional savings.

Advantages of Return to Work Programs

Virginia workers compensation

A return to work program is part of a comprehensive Virginia workers compensation program to aid employees with work-related illnesses and injuries. Here are the basics of this program and its advantages for workers and employers.

How it Works

When a physician has determined that the employee can return to work on a modified schedule, a plan will be made as to how to accommodate the employee’s restrictions. Depending on the type of illness or injury, the job may be modified for physical limitations, yet using the employee’s knowledge, retaining skill usage, and leveraging job responsibilities. The goal is the employee’s eventual return to full-time work.

Advantages for Workers

By returning back to work at a modified level, the employee is able to receive full benefits and reduces the earnings they have lost through being on a full workers compensation absence. The employee stays involved in the workplace and feels like a valued part of the team.

Advantages for Employers

Instead of risking losing a valued employee and having to find someone new, a return to work program minimizes the loss of productivity. A quicker return to work reduces the cost of a Virginia workers compensation claim and helps keep insurance premiums low.

There are several advantages to return to work programs. It provides employees a gradual return to work while still being under a doctor’s care and minimizes costs to employers.

Give Your Employees Peace- of- Mind With Comprehensive Workers Compensation

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Although obtaining workers compensation insurance is mandatory in Ohio, there are many poorly designed compensation programs advertised at an inflated rate. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workers are protected, especially if you run an operation that involves working with dangerous equipment or tools. Finding quality workers compensation can be tricky, but with the right approach, it is possible to obtain comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate.

Trust a Company Willing to Put You First

Many insurance shoppers put up being treated as a number because of a mistaken idea that this is an industry standard. There are many local small insurance companies that strive to treat you like an individual. They create a personalized portfolio of your operation and critically assess your business to pinpoint unique risks. Apart from workers compensation programs, they can also assist in:

  • Safety programs
  • Remaining OSHA-compliant
  • Fraud and abuse
  • Stem losses

Finding a company that has your best interests at heart is critical for obtaining coverage that is fair to you and your employees. If you get in contact with an insurance representative more concerned about the details of your enterprise than profit, you might be on the right path towards securing peace of mind.

Workers compensation programs are critical during emergencies. Finding a good insurance plan is possible with the right professionals to help you along.

3 Ways Working With the Right Workers Comp Broker Helps Your Business

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Choosing between all of the available worker’s compensation brokers in your area can be challenging, but if it’s a must if you really want your business to thrive in the coming years. Regardless of how safe you try to keep your daily operations, you’re bound to experience a few accidents in the coming years. Having the right broker on your side can help you tremendously during these times in a few key ways, such as:

  1. Many workers compensation brokers offer return-to-work programs. These focus on helping your injured employee through the recovery process, so you’ll have your expert help back to keep your business moving forward in no time at all.
  2. Professional brokers know all the potential risks to look out for in a variety of industries. Therefore, they’ll be able to create a comprehensive, risk management plan tailored specifically for your business.
  3. Finally, these businesses simply get you the best financial coverage possible in the event that there happens to be some sort of injury on the premises. This is crucial to keeping the financial future of your business intact and can make a huge deal of difference over the years.

By offering your business these three services, workers compensation brokers can really make a huge difference with your business’s operations and financial security in the coming years.

How Much Is Workers Compensation?

North Carolina workers compensation

Most states require you to carry workers compensation coverage. If you need North Carolina workers compensation, it is important to understand what factors influence the cost of your policy.

Expected Losses

If you are purchasing workers compensation for the first time, your policy price will reflect the average claims for your specific industry. Typically, insurers use a period of time to predict future losses. This prediction will help them understand how much to charge you for your policy. Certain industries are more prone to workplace injuries including construction, agriculture, and mining. Therefore, these policies are likely to be more expensive.

Experience Rating

After a few years of operation, you may receive an experience rating. This rating will adjust your premium higher or lower than the industry average. Your rating is usually influenced by your loss history. Companies with little to no losses will usually pay less for their workers compensation policies.

Cost Reduction

If North Carolina workers compensation is expensive, it may be smart to engage in a risk management program. This will help you identify potential threats and hazards on the job, so you can decrease the likelihood of injury.

For help choosing the right policy for your needs, contact an insurance agent. With this policy, you are not only protecting your employees, but also protecting your business.

Does Your Startup Business Need a Package Policy?

Carmel commercial package policy

Most startup businesses are worried about cutting costs and increasing revenue. This is one of the best ways to grow the business. For this reason, it makes sense that many new businesses might overlook a Carmel commercial package policy when they are purchasing insurance. While you might assume that your new business has few risks and little to insurance, a package policy still can offer a lot of benefits.

Customized to Your Needs

A package policy is not just for large businesses. It can be customized to meet the needs of all businesses, including a small startup. This way you can select the coverage that will benefit you the most during your first years in business.

You Probably Have More Risks Than You Realize

In many cases, even startups have a decent amount of risks. If you have employees, then you probably want to consider a workers compensation plan. Equipment, property, and automobiles also add to your risk. Fortunately, a Carmel commercial package policy can provide coverage for these assets.

Change as Your Business Grows

As your business grows, you can make changes to your package policy. This way, you will always be protected.

Package policies can also help you save money on your insurance costs. Contact an insurance agent today for more information.

The Truth About Nursing Homes Workers Compensation Plans

The Truth About Nursing Homes Workers Compensation Plans

Many businesses are concerned about the affordability of workers compensation due to market changes. This worry can lead to insufficient coverage and thus more money loss in the long run. Nursing facilities may be especially concerned because of the risks that come with the healthcare industry. The good news is that nursing homes workers compensation plans are not as expensive as you may believe them to be.


The cost of workers compensation plans for nursing facilities is near the median compared to those of other industries. This moderate pricing makes it possible to find a comprehensive policy that fits into your budget. Also, certain hazards, such as occupational diseases, are low in this sector, allowing you to lower coverage in low-risk areas and increase it in high-risk ones.


Those in the medical field know the importance of safety and the value of life. It is what you strive for daily for your patients, and that high standard is no less for your workers. By following safety rules and reducing liability wherever possible, you lessen the likelihood of facing claims. The fewer claims you have, the more affordable your plan will be. Also, the very nature of your work allows for quick action in the event injury does occur, which may decrease future medical needs and healing time.

Nursing homes workers compensation plans are affordable and flexible. You dont need to skimp on coverage to save money. You can protect your facility and workers with a thorough, customized plan without breaking the bank.

Auto-Related Industries That Need Workers Compensation

Working with cars can be a challenging occupation, and one that has many risks. There are a wide range of businesses that deal with automobiles that could use the protection provided by workers compensation. If you own or operate a business in any of the following industries, you may want to consider investing in a plan to protect yourself and your employees.

New and Used Car Dealerships

Auto dealers workers compensation can handle the claims that you could face when an employee is injured on the job. Whether you sell new or used cars, your employees are constantly surrounded by vehicles, whether they are test driving with a potential sale or transporting cars between dealerships.

Auto Repair Shops

Repairing and servicing cars can be a challenging job, and can be quite dangerous. You and your employees are frequently underneath cars using tools that could cause harm if not used properly. Workers compensation can ensure that your interests are protected if something were to happen.

Car Washes

Car wash employees deal with other drivers and machinery day in and day out that could be hazardous. This industry is one that could certainly benefit from a high-quality workers compensation plan.

Whether you need auto dealers workers compensation or a plan for your repair shop, you should take the time to find a plan that fits your business’ unique needs.

The Best way to Locate a Physician and Workers Comp

Many hazards are presented by the working environment and although companies do their best to shield their workers from injuries and other health related issues, injuries and accidents are bound to occur. Workman’s comp in Indiana is a benefit system that’s designed especially to shield workers who are injured or as an outcome of their work is changed. This system is thus designed with workers in head. Once injured, the patient might have added problems finding the appropriate doctor.

Sickness and harms must be work related. Workers are only able to be be compensated for sicknesses or injuries that are associated with work activities and the work environment. If you would like to file a claim for workers comp in Indiana for affliction, you’ll need to show your illness is associated with actions or your working conditions. To do this you’ll need to see with a medical doctor who can perform the required evaluations that can demonstrate your sickness is work related.

Indiana Workman’s comp is just relevant for harms that are associated with work. No settlement so is offered for harms that happen during those that are not related to work actions and lunch hours.

The rules of how and what advantages are given to workers with illnesses or injuries due to work associated tasks so change. The advantages given to the ill or injured workers depend on various variables. Temporary disability may permit the worker. Advantages for these injuries or sicknesses are thus much less high as for long-term disabilities.

Another variable to consider is whether the disability is complete or partial.

Gains from workman’s comp generally take the kind of medical care, continuance of specific advantages offered at work in addition to the payment of a specific percent of the worker’s wages. This is equal to a third of the worker’s regular pay check.

Payments are generally made consistently. The whole sum is dependent on the worker’s wages, the seriousness of their damage evaluation and the harm. Smaller monthly payments may follow these. This is generally the situation for irreversible damage that doesn’t permit the worker to return to routine tasks that are working.

In the instance of payments for partial disability, payments are restricted to an amount that won’t exceed the maximum payment the worker can get. It’s additionally restricted to the amount of weeks for which the worker can be paid.

In some scenarios, the injured worker’s claim will be disputed by the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company. If the injury or sickness is not invalid, the worker might consider seeking professional help to represent their claim. An internet search will show various law practices.

Up to now, compensation benefits have been completely described but it is not possible if we do not discuss the medical supplier to create a clear image of the worker’s comp puzzle. Your research for a work comp doctor might be challenging because of the decreasing quantity of physicians treating for injuries that are on-the-job.

In regards to primary care physicians or family practice doctors simply forget about it. A large proportion of these doctors don’t treat for worker’s comp injuries, yet, it is the ideal place to begin your research. You’ll find there are fewer doctors on the list. This just means that wounded patients must see a doctor on the authorized physicians list although the patient might be sent out to a practitioner later on.

It’s become increasingly harder for physicians to gather their payment compensations from the insurance companies for medical care. Nurses must get preauthorization for physical therapy or all office visits before patient treatment can be started by doctors. If the first authority request for workman’s comp medical care of the medical practice is refused, the patient could be changed and their treatment delayed.

Artisan Contractors Workers Compensation Programs Are Important for Today’s Contractors

Spiral Staircases

As the economy begins to rebound, more and more artisans are returning to the workforce to provide skilled labor. While their contract services become more in demand, it is important for them to consider an artisan contractors workers compensation program.


About Workers Compensation Programs


Workers compensation programs are available to protect skilled laborers on the job. Since each type of business varies, the program needs will vary. For example, two tradesmen working together will need different coverage than a large-scale organization. With the guidance of an insurance agency, you can determine what your business needs. These programs are available to businesses that have been established for many years and new ventures.


Who is Eligible?


It is important to work with your insurance company to determine if you are eligible to participate in an artisan contractors workers compensation program. Generally, artisans include a lot of skilled laborers and contractors. The following are common artisans that usually qualify for coverage:


  • Plumbers
  • Masons
  • Carpenters
  • Drywall installers
  • Electricians


Many other tradesmen probably qualify as well. They usually perform repairs or renovations in homes or buildings. Some of these tradesmen also work on projects in their cities.


Although not always, being a skilled labor can come with added risk on the job. For this reason, having insurance is an important benefit to protect your future. For more information, contact an insurance agent.


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