Is Cheap DUI Insurance Dream or Reality?

Studies show that rates go up between 20% and 300% after getting caught driving after the influence. That means that an $80 per month policy might go up to as much as $240 monthly. Finding cheap DUI insurance is a necessity.

If you’re anxious to see lower monthly premiums, there are a few things you can do. The best thing for your insurance rates is time. After about three years, the infraction will drop off your record and your rates will go down. In the meantime, check into the cost change if you change vehicles. Family cars offer lower rates than sports cars and trucks, and that simple change might make a real difference. Moving might help your NJ insurance after DUI, as well. Some suburban areas have a positive impact on your rates, and a new zip code might mean a bit more cash in your pocket. Your very best option for getting a good rate is to shop around. Choose an agent that represents multiple producers will put you on the right track to obtaining a decent monthly premium.

Finding cheap DUI insurance isn’t impossible. But it takes some work. Seek out an agent that can get you the best rates, and set yourself up in the best position possible to get the lowest premiums you can.