Common Car Wash Employee Injuries

If you own a full-service car wash, preventing employee injuries is probably a high priority for you. Hand, eye and head injuries are all possible, and accidents can still happen when employees have been thoroughly trained. Knowing the most common types of injuries in this sector can help you find the right car wash workers comp insurance to ensure both your employees and your business’ future is well protected.

Eye injuries can occur at your car wash when spinning brushes, pressurized air blowers and high-powered driers toss debris into the air. While protective glasses for your employees can minimize these risks, small particles may still enter and injure an employee’s eye.

Burns can occur at a car wash when an employee accidentally comes into contact with heated wash water, chemicals or hot vehicle tailpipes. Tailpipe burns are usually most common with post-wash detailers who wipe cars clean after the drying process. Most burns are preventable, but adding this coverage to your workers compensation insurance can keep your business protected in case of an incident.

Moving parts are a common cause of hand and feet injuries. Proper training for these systems can reduce risk, but being covered for such incidents can prevent you from having pay for them out of pocket.

Being aware of common car wash injuries can be important for you as an owner of this type of business. From increasing safety measures to finding effective car wash workers comp insurance, such knowledge can be highly beneficial.