Construction Insurance

construction general liability newton, NJ

The construction industry is needed by everyone in New Jersey. General contractors are asked to build houses, pave roads and provide shopping centers. Even after these projects are finished, specialized contractors continue to be used to maintain the construction. Electricians, plumbers and landscapers are all utilized to repair and enhance existing structures. When this work is being done, it is important to have an insurance policy such as construction general liability near Newton, NJ.

This type of policy can be personalized depending on the needs of the project. In general, a construction policy should protect against damages and injury. This means that if a person were to be injured while working on the project, the policy would cover his or her injuries. Additionally, if damages were to occur to the construction or if any tools were to be stolen or broken, those damages would also be protected under the policy.

Some of the options for construction general liability in Newton, NJ can include worker’s compensation and business interruption. These aspects of a policy protect the business in the event that the business must temporarily close for construction purposes. Lost wages and relocation expenses can be covered by insurance with the proper coverage. Regardless of what the project is, it is always wise to have insurance coverage.