Creating a Safer Work Environment

warehouse accidents

Running a warehouse can be challenging. Outside of providing exceptional services to your customers, you also need to think about the safety of your employees. Creating a safe work environment is vital to ensure the future of your company. This means making your space compliant with various regulations and educating your employees on proper pallet safety.

Spacing Considerations

As reported by the experts at, there are a number of key steps to take to reduce warehouse accidents. Above all, it is crucial that you consider the placement of shelves and other fixtures in the warehouse. Should units be placed too close together, it can lead to a number of potential hazards. Additional areas to consider with spacing include:

  • Height of shelves and other storage units
  • Weight of items being stored
  • Evenly loading pallets to distribute weight

Avoid Financial Trouble

An environment that uses forklifts and other large pieces of equipment can be inherently risky. Taking proper precautions can help you minimize the odds of an accident taking place. This reduces the chance of an injury and costly workers’ compensation claims.

Though running a warehouse comes with a lot of responsibility, there are a number of simple methods for reducing risks. Create a safe environment for your employees to yield better results from your business.