Customizable Insurance Solutions

Misc Professionals Program

Offering policies to as many people as possible is an important part of running any insurance agency. That is why offering a misc professionals program through your agency is ideal. This type of policy can cover a large amount of professions. The best part is that it can be tailored to fit the needs of any specific profession. How is this possible?

Standard Coverage For All

There are some standard coverage areas that are included in every policy in this type of program. Coverage areas such as punitive damages, personal injury, defense for discrimination and defense for fraud, among many others, are all standard in miscellaneous professional liability insurance policies. This provides base-line coverage that is acceptable and adequate for every profession.

Additional Coverage Available

There are also additional coverage areas that can be added to this type of insurance program. Coverage areas like cyber exposure, media liability, subpoena expense liability and worldwide coverage endorsement can be added to any policy based on necessity. These coverage areas are optional because they are not required for all professions. Providing the option to disregard these coverage types means that your client will only get the coverage they really need for their work.

Offering a misc professionals program is a great way to increase your client base in a constructive way. Contact a Managing General Agency today to find out more about offering this incredibly policy.