Online dating may very well take out some of the awkwardness out of the dating scene. However it still is not without its challenges and finding Mr or Mrs right can be quite the stressful journey. Today we are going to have a little look at a few online dating tips that will have you finding your dream partner in no time at all.

Be Honest

Never lie do not say you are really tall when you in fact are not. If you do strike up a connection with some one they will probably think twice when they meet you and realise that you have not be honest with them. Being honest is one of the most important online dating tips I can give.

These Are Real People

Just because it is online does not mean these people are not real. Make sure you treat people with respect and treat them as you wish to be treated.

Picture Says 1000 Words

Sounds shallow, but make sure you use the best picture possible as your profile. Pick a picture that shows the real you.

Be Brief

No one wants your life story. Well not yet anyway. So make sure your profile is brief and fun, but it lets people know the type of person you are. Then when you get in touch with others you can let them know more. No one wants to read your CV on a dating site.

Be Safe

If a person asks to meet you and for that first meeting they want you to go to the old abandoned saw mill deep in the woods. Then you may want to reconsider. Agree to meet in a safe public place at first.