Does Medical Marijuana Replace Opioids?


In a country where doctors are more than happy to write prescription after expensive prescription, the population is becoming warier of these pharmaceutical drugs and are turning to other, more natural remedies such as medical marijuana to restore their health. But does it work?


A 2014 study showed that, thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana in 13 of the United States, opioid-related deaths are decreasing by 25%. This shows that people are unwilling to put lab-created drugs into their bodies and are turning to the God-given sticky bud to help them with their chronic pain — and it seems to be working, according to Penn State’s study. Penn State’s study reports that 60% of opioid-related overdoses come from patients who have a legitimate prescription from a licensed physician.


On the other hand, Stanford University is conducting a study of its own to challenge these claims. Dispensaries are not going to save the country from drug addiction, one scientist claims, and they are finding that states with legal weed are actually increasing in opioid deaths by 22.7%. Stanford’s study reports that it is up to researchers and politicians to resolve the drug epidemic in the country, since cannabis is not the savior it was claimed to be.

What do you think? With so much “fake news” and controlled media these days, it’s important to be informed and decide for yourself what’s real and what’s not. No matter what your opinion, one thing is clear: Cannabis is changing America.