Don’t Be Surprised by Claim Denial

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Commercial insurance policies protect your company from the financial liabilities that could be incurred through an adverse event attached to the risks and exposure your operations present. An employee getting injured on the job, a forklift crashing through a wall, or a client getting hit by a product that fell off the shelf are various types of risks that can plague a business. Even though you might carry an insurance plan that addresses these risks, not having enough coverage is just as damaging as not carrying the right coverage.

Potential Exclusions and Limitations

As advised through the information found on, it is extremely important that you are fully aware of the exclusions and limitations associated with your policy. Some incidents may not be covered at all, while others may be excluded from coverage if your company has already met is per project aggregate. This is the limitation on how much an insurance company will pay per policy year.

Avoid Surprises

You can avoid being surprised by a claim denial by knowing the details of your insurance plan. Ask your broker specific questions that deal with the best coverage limit possibilities. Depending on the nature of your operations, it may be worthwhile to increase your coverage limits and pay the extra premium than dealing with situations that would require out-of-pocket payments.