Don’t Let Spills Ruin Your Club

insurance coverage for yacht clubs

When you think of insurance coverage for yacht clubs, you tend to think about the yachts, the members, the staff and the facilities. You don’t consider the risk of oil and waste spills that can contaminate the water surrounding the boats or even the ground under the facilities. Insurance agencies do wonder about these things, which is why they offer pollution and oil spill coverage for marinas and yacht clubs.

You Need Pollution Protection

Pollution and oil spills are often covered by a yacht owner’s insurance policy, but that only applies to spills caused by the yacht or the yacht owner. Any spills that result from the actions of the yacht club must be dealt with by the yacht club, and that includes cleaning up the pollution and repairing any of the resulting damages.

Protect Your Yacht Club From Accidents

Insurance coverage for yacht clubs can help cover the cost of pollution spills and the resulting containment and any necessary clean up. Your marina insurance representative can walk you through the extra coverage you might need for this and explain to you how you benefit from this coverage. Accidents happen no matter how good your safety policies are. Make sure you’re yacht club has the insurance protections it needs in place for when things go wrong.