Extras That Your Yacht Insurance Should Cover

You know that your yacht insurance in Newport Beach covers accidents, property damage, and personal injury. However, that’s not all that a comprehensive policy covers. In fact, a great yacht insurance plan will pay for a variety of costs. Check with your insurance provider to see if you have the following additional coverages.

Towing Assistance

Just as with car insurance, yacht insurance can come with or without a towing rider. This feature typically does not add too much cost to your premium. However, it can save you lots of money and hassle if you do need towing or emergency assistance. Don’t get stranded, add this assistance to your yacht insurance in Newport Beach.

Sunken Wreck Removal

As you enjoy time on your yacht, the last thing you want to think about is a wreck. However, if an accident happens and your beloved yacht sinks, you may be held liable for the removal. This service can be expensive, but comprehensive yacht insurance plans can pay this fee for you.

Personal Effects

When you go out on your yacht, you don’t go empty-handed. Make sure that your yacht insurance in Newport Beach covers the belongings you bring aboard. If you have any questions about what your policy covers, be sure to consult a knowledgeable agent and read your policy thoroughly.