Factors That Affect Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs

Medical Malpractice Insurance

If you are in the market for medical malpractice insurance in Florida, you will undoubtedly seek out the policies with the most attractive premiums. There are many things that can affect your insurance premium, and many of them are not commonly known. Here are some factors that can greatly influence how much you pay for your medical malpractice insurance.

Geographic Location

The state that you are practicing in has a direct impact on the size of your premium. Liability rates are established on a state level, not federal, and each state has a different rate. Malpractice insurance costs more in urban areas, than in rural areas.


Your premium rates are also impacted by your medical specialty. Specialties with higher rates of malpractice claims have higher insurance costs. Surgeons pay the most for medical malpractice insurance in Florida, since their procedures often pose the highest risks.

Prior Claims

Prior claims also have a profound influence on premium costs. Physicians who have been subject to past lawsuits will have to pay higher prices. More progressive insurance companies may be able to accommodate physicians who have numerous prior claims.

Medical malpractice insurance in Florida encompasses a wide range of issues. While there is no surefire way to predict your premium costs, the factors listed above should certainly be taken into consideration. By simply looking at your professional history and location, you will have a general idea of your insurance costs.