Facts About Specialty Insurance

Facts About Specialty Insurance

There are different types of insurance that most people are familiar with including home, auto and life. Yet there is another form of coverage that serves people who need additional protection for their homes and personal items. The policy you have in place may not be sufficient for all your needs, especially if you own items that are considered high risk. Fortunately, there is a solution that fills in coverage gaps and provides you with the safeguards you need.

High-Risk Coverage

Specialty insurance caters to niche markets that are underserved. In this case, individuals who own valuables and property that are not commonly covered by automobile and home owner’s insurance policies. It’s a type of policy that provides protection against loss and damage for unique, non-traditional or high-risk items or situations. The following are a few examples:

• Travel Trailers
• Motorcycles
• Manufactured homes
• Unoccupied dwelling
• Dwelling fire

Supplemental Coverage

Misfortunes and accidents are a part of life. Make sure you have all the protection you need for your personal possessions and property that’s not currently covered. Specialty insurance is a compliment to whatever coverage you have now.

Many insurance carriers don’t offer these specialized policies that are considered hard-to-place risks. So, you’ll need to research agencies that have specialty property and casualty product lines.