Finding Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Staffing Companies

employment practices liability

If your primary business is to provide the labor necessary for other companies to thrive, then your risk management portfolio needs to be robust. As the employer of record for the labor pool, you are responsible for meeting government mandates and maintaining compliance with regulations regarding insurance. You also wind up with the liability for employment practices that employers assume, which makes employment practices liability insurance important.

What is Employment Practices Insurance?

This form of insurance protects you against the cost of settlements related to workplace practices stemming from:

  • Discrimination in employment hiring practices
  •  Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination

To protect your company with robust coverage, it’s important to find policies that flex with you—policies that includes insurance for your clients, and that also include the duty to defend against these claims. That way, you know that you are covered. This means having coverage with a broad definition of torts and worldwide reach.

Finding Your Employment Practices Liability Insurance Policy

The best choice for your policy is going to be the company with the most knowledge of your particular industry. Operating as a staffing services provider gives your business a unique set of needs, and your liability policies have to reflect those needs to make sure that you are fully covered.