Finding Insurance as a Tow Truck Operator

Tow Truck Operator

Independent operators and freelancers occupy an important niche in every industry, but in the trucking industry, they’re especially important. Not only do independent operators make up a large portion of the available labor for overland shipping, they’re also important to the towing and recovery industry, providing services other drivers need to stay safe on the road. Towing companies cover a wide range of roadside assistance needs, and each service provided is both an opportunity and a risk, so your tow truck insurance program needs to be able to flex with the growth of your business if you’re going to stay fully covered.

Protect Yourself and Your Truck

Professional liability is vital for practitioners in service industries, especially when you provide service to personal or commercial vehicles when they have already shown signs of mechanical failure. You need to protect your clients but you also need to be sure you are protected, and professional liability does more than just pay settlements. It also provides funds for your defense if there is a lawsuit related to covered liabilities.

Robust insurance also needs to cover the investment you have in your truck and additional equipment because roadside response involves risks that other trucking businesses don’t typically encounter. In the event of an accident, while you are responding to a call, the right insurance can make or break your business. Don’t settle for anything less than the right coverage, from people who know what tow truck operators need to be safe.