Finding the Best Manufactured Home Insurance

Finding the Best Manufactured Home Insurance

Shopping for homeowners’ insurance can be taxing at the best of times, but what happens when your home purchase doesn’t quite fit the mold that most insurance companies try to pack their offerings into? People who buy unconventional properties like condos, co-ops, and manufactured homes often find themselves trying to pick a policy that doesn’t quite reflect their property. Luckily, there are dedicated manufactured home insurance companies that focus their offerings on this population, bringing affordable home insurance to an underserved marketplace with unique needs.

Features to Look for

Since manufactured homes are often used as rentals, seasonal homes, or for other purposes in addition to being a primary home for many, it is important to find an insurance company that flexes to fit those needs. Even if you don’t see yourself renting out your current home, you never know what the future might bring, and it is helpful to find people who are prepared to grow with you as your needs change. Here are the basic features a good plan should have:

  • Flexibility to cover seasonal and rental units (covering multi-unit rentals can be a plus)
  • Coverage options for homes of all ages, in all classes, and in any location
  • Full replacement cost (this may have age requirements, even if the general plan does not)

In addition, you’ll want to find manufactured home insurance companies who will insure you up to the full value of your home and then beyond, so that if you make improvements you can increase your coverage. If you have animals, it can also be important to check into a company’s policies about them, and to include that in your selection. If you do, then you will be on track to find specialized insurance that is custom fit to your home ownership needs.