Focusing on Increased Container Security

Protecting American land and citizens isn’t just a job for law enforcement agencies. With serious terrorist attacks leveled against the United States over the last few years, additional security measures have been put in place and continually upgraded to address changes in threat levels. One such measure is the Container Security Initiative.

An Information Superhighway

The CSI is a way to quickly transfer information between countries, as this is a service between the port security agencies across the nation and globe. The information reveals security alerts or assurances, as it is a move using inspections and paperwork in foreign ports an extension of the Customs and Border Protection services that would occur in the U.S. This means security efforts begin as the container begins its journey and not as it reaches U.S. shores.

Foreign Port Agreement

Foreign ports that have joined the initiative agree to carefully scrutinize containerized cargo that will be sent to its own port. For containers headed to the U.S., a host nation will thoroughly check the cargo with the assurances that the country can send its own officers into a U.S. port to check cargo headed back into its own country. These checks use specialized equipment and have high-security thresholds.

With CSI, security is increased for maritime exchanges and promotes safer trade between partnering nations. It also streamlines the transport timeline, as containers don’t have to stop for additional scrutiny.