Forms of Crime Coverage Insurance

Forms of Crime Coverage Insurance

When a small business is just a few disasters away from ruin, crime coverage insurance is absolutely necessary. Protection against theft is important for any company, and there are many different types and categories of crime that can be covered.

Employee Crime

One of the most common threats comes from your own employees. Although you may trust your workers or have safeguards in place to help avoid hiring problems, nobody is perfect. Whether employees steal your products or embezzle your money, commercial crime coverage can help reimburse you when disaster strikes.

Other Crimes

Among the most visible threats are burglary, robbery, and forgery. No business is immune from break-ins or counterfeit currency, although some establishments are more vulnerable than others. A good insurance plan can also help reimburse you if you are the victim of fraud or some other type of scam.

Cyber Crime

In today’s increasingly connected world, cyber-attacks are also becoming more and more common. This type of crime focuses on gaining data and information that can then be used to commit other crimes, such as identity theft and embezzlement. The cost of repairing a computer system, reimbursing customers, and paying fines, in addition to any money that was digitally stolen, can make cyber-crime absolutely devastating.

Of course, there are many other types of business-oriented crime that can also be protected against. Crime coverage insurance is a must for any company.