Getting a Specialty Insurer

Everyone knows that insurance is necessary for things like theft, fire, or medical problems, but there are also many lesser-known risks that might be insured. Every situation is different, and when seeking insurance you may want to find a specialty insurer to cover some less common exposures.

Home Insurance

While standard home insurance might cover problems such as fire or flooding, there are also more specialized threats that you can guard against. Do you live next to an airport and worry about aviation accidents? You can get coverage for damage by aircraft. Is rioting or looting a concern for you? Some specialty companies offer civil commotion insurance. Niche home insurance plans can offer protection against everything from smoke damage, to glass breakage, to strong windstorms, to explosions. No matter what you are concerned about, its possible to find an insurance program to cover it.


The same degree of specialization is available for a variety of vehicles. Do you have a specific brand of motorcycle? Are you worried that something might happen to your travel trailer? A quality niche insurance plan can help you find peace of mind.

Custom Plans

In many cases, insurance companies are willing to work with you to create a custom plan that will fulfill your needs. If you have a specific concern or specialized item that you want coverage for, a specialty insurer will be able to help you find a solution.