Hit the Road With the Right Protection

Brynes Agency Insurance

When you ride the open road on your scooter or motorcycle, you wear specific clothing, shoes, and head protection. Just as important, however, is having proper financial coverage in the event of an accident. Before revving up, make sure your policy is in order.

Hazard Coverage for Two Wheels

Whether you drive a standard motorcycle, a cruiser, a sports bike, custom wheels, or even a scooter, you need financial protection against specific hazards you face when driving.

Coverage for accessories such as saddlebags

Liability for property damage
Liability for bodily injury
Medical payments
Roadside assistance

The insurance company Brynes Agency Insurance states it is important to find a coverage provider you can work with to find the right coverage options for your motorcycle or scooter insurance policy.

Special Insurance Considerations

Scooters sometimes have different coverage requirements than do motorcycles. While many motorcycle policies also cover scooters, you should find a reliable agency that will explain the specific requirements for scooters where you live. There are dedicated scooter policies available, and all of these types of policies have various options for coverage.
Just as important as it is for you to don physical safeguards when riding your scooter, you also need to make sure you have the right insurance coverage in place so you can be a safe and an easy rider.