Homeowners Insurance Considerations in Orlando, Florida

homeowners insurance Orlando
homeowners insurance Orlando

Homeowners insurance in Orlando, Florida is one of the most crucial investments a person can make. The coverage provided by a policy can help in the recovery from minor issues, such as vandalism or theft, to the more catastrophic concerns, like someone suffering an injury resulting in a lawsuit, or structural damage from a natural disaster — something Florida is no stranger to.


Anyone owning a home, or considering buying a home and looking into the different types of coverage available, or considering the terms of any existing policy might want to review the information with an agent to determine any legal implications that might be involved. There are many local agencies that can help property owners get the coverage and legal advice they need.

Areas of coverage can help determine what certain individuals require


Insurance is a way to mitigate costs when it comes to expensive repairs, replacing lost items, and other problems many homeowners may experience at one time or another. No one can predict, for example, when major storms will come along, causing insurmountable damage, but this is a real concern in the state of Florida. But there are also less severe issues that can prove costly as well.


When someone purchases a home, most mortgage lenders require homeowners to buy insurance as a condition of the loan. This is to protect anyone who should come in contact with possible dangers. Anyone that owns a pet or has a swimming pool will likely need some form of liability coverage to deal with the risks and exposures associated with ownership of a particular item or pet. Therefore, information on this type of coverage is important to all homeowners.

Homeowners insurance may cover damage or loss of any of the following, depending on the current policy in place:


  • Structural damage to the home


  • Other structures (i.e. sheds, detached garages, etc.)


  • Personal property (including the contents of the home or other structures)


  • Loss of use (compensation for having to stay outside of the home)


Damage to the home can also result from:


  • Fire or lightning


  • Vehicles


  • Vandalism and theft


  • Explosions


  • Aircrafts


  • Windstorm or hail, and many other incidents


A guide to homeowners insurance for Orlando residents is available through the Florida Department of Financial Services, and also contains information on insurance agencies and other alternative options. Speak to a reputable agent today with any questions or concerns.