How to Determine if You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Even the best insurance policies have their limits. Umbrella insurance is designed to provide additional financial support should you find yourself or your business in a situation that traditional insurance policies aren’t equipped to handle. If your business has a significant number of assets, or if you work in an industry that is prone to litigation, your Alpharetta insurance could benefit from an umbrella policy.

  1. Decide if the Policy Works for Your Business – An umbrella policy covers bodily harm, property damage, and some lawsuits. If your company is sued, your legal fees alone may eat up your traditional policy coverage in many cases. Your umbrella policy will take care of injuries, repairing vehicles and any other court costs. Umbrella insurance also covers:
    • Slander and libel
    • False arrest
    • Shock or mental anguish
  2. Determine Your Company’s Risk Factor – If you work in a high-risk industry, or if you have expensive equipment that your traditional insurance won’t cover, you should carry an umbrella policy. If your industry is low risk, you may not need umbrella insurance but could still opt to purchase it as additional backup.

Whether your business is large or small, traditional or high risk, umbrella insurance can offer peace of mind and should be considered for your Alpharetta insurance policy.