How to Maintain a Golf Cart

Golf carts are an easy way for golfers to move around the green, but they are common in residential communities to take residents to the amenity centers and move throughout the neighborhood. Golf cart insurance protects your investment, but these tips can help you maintain it.


Avoid using dirty gasoline in your engine. Regularly inspect spark plugs, air filters and the distributor cap for dirt, cracks or moisture. As seen on, insurance provides property damage and collision protection in the event of an accident.


Properly charging the batteries keeps them performing at optimal levels. Make sure to use the correct battery during replacement to avoid electrical issues.


Safety when working on your golf cart is essential to avoid bodily injury. Wrap metal tools with electrical tape or vinyl to avoid explosions and electrical shortages. Wear safety gear such as goggles and gloves.


Regardless of engine type, tires, lights, brakes, steering wheel, mirrors, and gauges all need proper maintenance. Make sure to follow the guidelines for lubricating the rear axle differential and suspension. Each area has regular maintenance schedules provided by the manufacturer.
Depending on the type of golf cart you own, the maintenance is slightly different. However, protecting your investment with golf cart insurance steps in when something happens.