The Importance of Insurance Companies in Hartford, CT for Camp Grounds

insurance companies in Hartford, CT

The U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission reports that between 1982 and 2014, a total of 13, 617 people were killed in ATV accidents. One of the appeals that draw the masses to camp grounds annually is off-roading. This is why ground managers must work with insurance companies in Hartford, CT that understand the unique coverages required by outdoor recreational facilities.

Additional Shocking Statistics

If you breakdown the CPSC’s further, you’ll understand why you need full coverage for your grounds. Amongst those killed while off-roading on their ATVs

  • 3,098 were children 15 years old or younger
  • 1,342 of the 3,098 were under 12 years old

The CPSC states that these numbers are expected to increase as more people purchase ATVs, learn to ride them, and challenge themselves beyond their operating skills. You cannot afford to have your camp grounds under-insured should an accident occur.

Comprehensive Camp Grounds Coverage

There are many insurance companies in Hartford, CT, but you must work with one that is experienced in your exact needs. A comprehensive camp ground insurance policy will include general liability alongside unique riders applicable to recreational facilities, such as equine, gasoline sales, liquor liability, special events, trailer spotting endorsement, and watercraft coverages. These specialized riders are the only way you can ensure and insure the safety of your patrons.