Industry-Specific Insurance Can Make a Big Difference for Charter Schools

Charter schools are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for passionate educators who believe they can create a better education environment than that provided in traditional schools. The establishment and management of these institutions, however, can be very challenging, as they are often small and do not have the same support systems as public schools. Because of this, it can be very important for administrators to find an insurance carrier that specifically features a charter school insurance program.


Human Resources


Recruitment, employee relations and other human resources matters can be complicated even under the best circumstances. For charter schools they can be downright nightmarish, as the administrators are likely running under tight budgets and may not have the ability to fully staff their HR departments. This can lead to unresolved employee issues, such as those involving discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment. To protect their schools’ assets in the event of an employment lawsuit, many administrators find that it is a good idea to invest in a charter school insurance program that specifically speaks to employment practices liability.


School-Related Transportation


Because they do not have the luxury of relying on their states’ legal resources, charter schools often find it beneficial to seek school-related transportation coverage in their insurance policies. This will provide financial protection should accidents involving school vehicles ever occur. Such coverage can be pivotal for charter schools, as personal injury lawsuits stemming from the transportation of students can be very expensive to resolve.


Without the support systems available to public schools, charter school administrators have to do everything in their power to protect their institutions’ assets. Investing in an industry-specific charter school insurance program can help them do just that.