Insurance as Investment in the Business Future

temporary staffing insurance
temporary staffing insuranc

In a way, insurance is an investment that every business must make if it is to grow and stay profitable in a tumultuous business environment. Like a business license, or paying for ongoing education and certification for professionals, it’s simply the cost of doing business. A business with temporary staffing is no different, so they need temporary staffing insurance packages. In fact the challenges there may be even greater with the variety of types of employees they have:


  • Permanent employees
  • Direct hire employees
  • Temporary employees


Claims of Discrimination Lead to Litigation


Even in the best workplace environments, there may be hurt feelings from a bad joke or overheard comments. If people perceive that workplace decisions dealing with pay, tasks, promotions, or benefits have some discriminatory factor, litigation might follow. With temporary employees there may be little sense of responsibility or allegiance to the company, so temporary staffing insurance is even more important in this situation. Claims of discrimination may be based on gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.


Minimizing Corporate Risk with Employment Practices


As part of a solid temporary staffing insurancepackage of coverage, an insurer may also work with a company to help it minimize its exposure to risk. This could come in a few different ways in terms of employment practices liability.


  • Review of current company policies
  • Review of current human resources documents
  • Training for managers

The insurer may also be able to help with issues like social media management, non-compete paperwork, or company diversity counseling. By allying your company with a great insurer, you are setting yourself up for long term success.