What Insurance for Yacht Clubs Covers

insurance for yacht clubs

Successful yacht club owners know that having good insurance coverage can ease a lot of worries. Marinas are susceptible to storm damage, theft, and liability, but they also function as an event space with the same risks as any venue that serves food and beverage. Most insurance for yacht clubs should provide protection that addresses the many facets of your business.

Property and Vessels

Business insurance can protect owners from liability claims, but yacht clubs have the added responsibility of mooring yachts, sailboats, and other vessels. You should have coverage that extends to damage to the boats as well as your docks and other structures.

Staff and Volunteers

Yacht clubs can have a large staff to provide marine expertise as well as food and beverage preparation and service. The liability associated with the personnel or event volunteers may need to extend beyond the property to open waters if any claim results from a cruise, rental, regatta, or other outing.

Storms and Environs

Marine environments carry their own risks related to natural disasters. High winds, severe storms, and flooding may be part of a policy tailored to yacht clubs. The potential of impact on the waterways due to pollution or oil spills can also be covered.

Insurance for yacht clubs can provide you with the security you need to focus on your management and growth. Your agent should be able to review your policy to ensure you have the right level of coverage for your business.