Insuring Marinas with Specialty Programs

Insuring Marinas with Specialty Programs

Owning a marina comes with its own set of problems and pitfalls. There are certain things, as with any business, that are potentially hazardous to your patrons and employees. That is why marina insurance exists. Here are a few things that this type of insurance can cover.


Insuring property is crucial when running a marina. You must be able to insure both the marina’s property and the property of your patrons. Insurance helps to cover the costs if anything in your marina is damaged in an accident, such as a fire, or an incident, like a break in. Letting your patrons know that they will be compensated in the event of a harmful event means that they will be more comfortable giving you their business.


Liability insurance is a necessary part of any business’s insurance policy. If something happens on your property, you are liable. If someone slips and falls because your equipment was faulty, you will need to compensate them for their injury. Liability insurance can help with those costs. This type of insurance can even cover things like pollution and commercial vehicles.


Making sure your employees are well taken care of is also very important. Coverage like workers compensation helps to pay damages to your employees if they are injured during the normal course of their duties.

Insuring your marina is of the utmost importance. Marine insurance makes it clear that you care about your business, your customers and your employees.