Is Employers Liability Insurance Necessary for Volunteers?

Liability Insurance for Volunteers

According to the law, all employers must purchase insurance to protect against liabilities related to employee injuries that relate to their job. Maintaining a safe working environment for employees is a responsibility all employers have. However, you may wonder if the same protection applies to volunteers. Also, if it is applicable, do you need employers liability insurance for volunteers?

Charities and Employer’s Liability Insurance for Volunteers

Some charities don’t think they need to cover the people working in their organization if they don’t pay them. However, the management still has a duty of care to volunteers, according to This means having insurance in place is necessary.

Purchasing Insurance for Volunteers

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer regarding if you require liability insurance to protect your volunteers. Insuring the volunteers working in your organization against illness and injury usually falls under one of two umbrellas – employer’s liability insurance or public liability insurance.

Usually, the final decision of the type you should purchase will depend on the insurance policy used by your charity. If you aren’t sure what that is, talk to your broker or insurer. They can guide you in the proper direction regarding the insurance protection you need in place to provide the duty of care owed to organization volunteers.