Is Flood Insurance in New Jersey Necessary?

If you have thought about whether you should get flood insurance in New Jersey or not, consider how beneficial the coverage would be if a hazardous storm occurred that left a large amount of water inside of your property. The flood water would not only damage belongings, such as furniture, artwork and appliances, but it could cause mold and mildew to begin growing on walls and floors. Paying out of pocket for the restoration of the property would be costly and cause unnecessary stress on you. With the insurance you could have:

  • A total of $250,000 worth of complete coverage for your home
  • Additional coverage available for belongings inside the home
  • Extra coverage needed to pay for a hotel to live in during the restoration process

What Can It Be Used For?

The amount that you receive from the flood insurance in New Jersey could be used to pay for water removal, restoration services and different repairs that may be necessary due to the damage that has occurred, such as a replacement for the roof. Even though you may think that something like this could never happen, floods are more common than most people realize. Storms and bursting pipes are two of the most common reasons that they occur. Play it safe and keep the property protected because these incidents do happen.