Is the Liquor Liability Coverage on Your Bar Enough?

bar liquor liability

A DUI can be costly in many ways. A DUI accident may result in serious bodily injury or even death. If a person leaves your establishment intoxicated and causes damage to others or himself/herself, you as a bar owner may be named a responsible party. If this were to occur, is your bar liquor liability insurance sufficient enough to pay for assessed damages?

When looking at insurance for your bar, be sure to do business with a hospitality insurance specialist. These agents will be able to give you the details of what is covered under general liability insurance and what you should add-on to cover special circumstances. In the case of a DUI, victims and their families often assign blame to the last place the impaired driver patronized. If that was your bar, you want a policy that offers investigative services. A thorough investigator may find circumstances that contributed to the accident that had nothing to do with your bar.

A poor decision by one person can change the course of many lives. As a bar owner, you don’t want to be left in a bind because you didn’t have the best bar liquor liability coverage. Be sure you speak with an expert who can offer you an insurance policy that covers you in any situation, even in the most tragic.