Landing Pages: Don’t Stand for Boring

Digital Marketing Insurance

Once upon a time, websites were shiny new toys that only the companies that could hire a website builder or learn the complicated nature of HTML coding could have. Of course, times have changed, and now that website you once thought was unique gets pushed into the blur of websites that you, your mother, and probably half of your neighbors have, too. If you’re already ahead of the game and are going to hire a company to rebuild your website, choose one that offers landing page design for maximum effectiveness for digital marketing insurance.

What’s a Landing Page?

A landing page is the first thing your visitor sees. They shouldn’t have to scroll down to see anything else, so all information should be placed high on the page. Any text should be short and compelling, with the use of bullet points for clarity. A popping, high resolution image is always pleasing to the eye and can capture almost anyone’s attention. Landing pages give your site a professional look, while making readers want to enter the rest of the website.

Don’t Blend In

With billions of internet users across the globe and hosting sites that give you a drag-and-drop website creation, landing pages have become almost more important than the information you have elsewhere in the page. If you can draw a visitor through the landing page and into the rest of the site, you’ve made it halfway. Choosing not to skimp on this area of your website creation is a great way to make digital marketing insurance successful.