Liability Insurance Designed for Attorneys Today and Tomorrow

Liability Insurance Designed for Attorneys Today and Tomorrow

The right insurance is important, even for the most cognizant and experienced attorneys. Lawyers professional liability insurance can ensure that almost any law practice can continue to thrive, despite errors and omissions. Perfection is almost impossible, and attorneys know the potential ramification of inadequate coverage. Instead of investing in a cookie-cutter insurance policy, find an insurance policy designed specifically for the challenges and risks faced by attorneys today and in the future.


Program Highlights for Law Firms


Lawyers professional liability insurance is not the same as generic professional liability insurance. A few program highlights include the following:

  • First dollar defense options available
  • Innocent insurance coverage and SEC coverage
  • Insurance limits up to $50,000,000 are also available


Eligibility Requirements and a Few Popular Practice Areas


Numerous law firms are eligible for top tier insurance. Firms with at least three attorneys and annual revenues of at least $250,000 are eligible. Additionally, it does not matter if firms have claims or no claims. Some of the most popular practice areas include patent law offices, collections law offices, and real estate law offices.


The Right Insurance Can Make All the Difference


Attorneys are among the most cognizant professionals. However, errors and omissions can occur even when the most stringent precautions are taken. Instead of hoping for perfection (and good luck), invest in long-term protection designed specifically for law practices.


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